Summer Fashion: Next Review

I thought I’d kick off this blog with a shop I have been LOVING recently.. Next. Not somewhere I would have shopped that much when I was younger, but the recent summer collection is so lymphie friendly it has to be mentioned.

Firstly, I want to be clear that lymphedema isn’t embarrassing and you shouldn’t feel like you have to hide any of your beautiful self to the world if you do not want to.I don’t want to give the impression that lymphedema is something that needs to be hidden.  The clothes I recommend make me feel beautiful and comfortable with my lymphedema. (Hiding vs Celebrating lymphedema – possible future blog post?)

Now for the fun part- Fashion!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know the struggle of jeans. Finding the right colour / cut / fit / style can be a nightmare at the best of times, let alone trying to make legs look more even in the process. Before finding my dream jeans (soon to be mentioned) i generally stuck to black super stretchy skinny jeans from monsoon. I find black the best colour to make legs look the same in skinny jeans. However, my world has been turned upside down by Next this season. These jeans are so incredible, i think every lymphie should get them on the NHS!

Wide Leg Ankle Length Jeans £30

Now don’t let the words ‘ankle length’ put you off, I’m 5’11’ and the ‘Long’ option on me sits lovely, plus there are petite, regular and extra long options. I love these jeans so much i have them in 3 colours (blue, khaki and white) and soon to be adding the black to my collection. They are snug and flattering in all the right places and loose on both legs! Hoorah!

Another key piece i have purchased this season from Next is this wonderful dungaree jumpsuit

Light Blue Denim Wide Leg Jumpsuit £40

I’ve been lusting after dungarees for months, but I haven’t ever found any that were lymphie friendly… until now. Again don’t be put off by the length on the model, I got the regular and its still comfortably long, with longer options on the website and in store. I can’t wait until my trip to Amsterdam to wear these beauties.

Other things I’ve seen and loved in Next this season:

Checked Jumpsuit £55

Blue Jumpsuit £48

Pink Maxi Skirt £30

Green Maxi Dress £22

Patterned Maxi Dress £35


Overall I think Next is killing it for summer lymphie fashion and certainly worth popping into to check out the wonderful pieces this season!

Sophie x






4 thoughts on “Summer Fashion: Next Review

  1. Great first post, Sophie — hooray for celebrating lymphedema! I love your positive outlook. I’ve always been so hesitant to show my ankles but have been pushing myself to wear more ankle-baring styles lately — I’ll have to keep an eye out for those wide ankle-length jeans you posted. Super cute!

    So happy you’ve started a blog 💙 Mind if I include it in my blog’s link directory? xx


    1. Im still so new to blogging so i hope i dont let the lymphie team down! haha yeah sure you can but it in the directory, im of to Amsterdam soon, and i was thinking about writing about that next, what do you think?
      Also, love your blog, its so wonderful and helpful ❤


      1. Oh, yes! I think a post about Amsterdam would be a great idea — sounds like a good opportunity to talk about your experiences travelling as a lymphie, plus the rest of us can live vicariously through you during what I’d imagine is going to be a beautiful trip!! 😊🌷 Safe travels!


  2. Love your blog and your fashion choices! I have lymphodema in the arm and it’s always hard to find fashionable clothes which I both like and will accommodate my big arm!
    Maybe I should do some thing like you, which can help and inspire others not to give up!
    Good on your Sophie.


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