Amsterdam: Outfits & Outings

So I’ve just come back from a wonderful break in Amsterdam and thought I’d share my experiences from this trip. I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life so far, but this has been the first trip since I’ve took control and managed my lymphedema correctly, rather than just trying to ignore it and hope it went away (spoiler that just makes it worse). We traveled just on hand luggage for 4 nights and 5 Days, and compression-wise I packed:

3x Grade 3 Support Stockings (for the day)

1x Grade 1 stocking I sleep in

2x Toe Caps

1x Farrow Wrap Knee bandage which i use to bandage my ankle over the grade 1 compression if my leg feels like it needs more help

On the day we flew I drank as much water as I could and walked around the airport rather than sitting down, and wiggled my ankles during the flight. The flight was only 50 minutes long (Lymphies Dream!). I wore my grade 3 to sleep in that night to really help my leg recover from the long day.

On the first day:


Jumpsuit: Next, Hat: H&M, Bag: M&S, Trainers: Mens Adidas

This Outfit kept me super cool and comfy throughout the day walking around (40,000 steps!). Before dinner I sat for about an hour with my leg up against a wall in the hotel with aircon.

Second Day:

As the days were fairly warm,  I wore the jumpsuit again to keep cool. During the second day we rented a pedal boat and cruised our way through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. I think my leg really benefited from the movement of this and kept in control all day. Pedal boats are amazing fun and a great way to see Amsterdam!


Day Three:

On the last full day we took a trip out of Amsterdam to see the windmills and the dutch countryside. The weather this day was much cooler so I wore jeans and a Monsoon top. We were able to hire bikes and cycle around the fields for a couple of hours which was wonderful to see.


Day four:

On the last day we walked in to the city for breakfast, souvenir shopping and pictures. Sat and ate syrup waffles in the park in the afternoon and flew home later that day. I struggled more with my leg on the way home, as I don’t think i walked enough that day, after an hour or so of elevation and a little wrapping it soon felt much better.

Overall I actually feel as if my leg has IMPROVED this trip, which is super encouraging to travel more in the future again. Would anyone be interested in a future blog post about the emergency ‘lymph kit’ i took with me/ take in my handbag most days?


Soph x


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